rPET packaging

We are committed to environmental responsibility in our world.


At Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel, we supply the finest packaging, and our customers can return used packaging so that we can reuse it. In addition, by informing our customers, we can help raise awareness and encourage them to use their products sustainably.

So you want the very best packaging?

When developing packaging, we take a close look at your concrete requirements. What will the product to be packaged be used for, what is the functionality of the packaging? We design and produce rPET packaging entirely in-house. Thanks to our many years of experience, we deliver high-quality packaging at the best possible price. By opting for sustainable rPET solutions, we can save on raw materials that demand more from nature. We have a customised, environmentally responsible packaging solution for any product, in any industry.

Benefits of rPET packaging

  • Less environmental pollution (not adding to the plastic soup in the oceans)
  • rPET is lightweight and flexible, making it multi-purpose
  • rPET can be recycled again
  • rPET is ideal for packaging household, disinfection, cosmetic, cleaning and food products

Customised packaging, designed for you

Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel works closely with customers to develop customised packaging solutions. Out customised packaging helps to ensure maximum visibility for your product. If you are interested in customised packaging, please get in touch.

Further information

Do you have a question about packaging options or want to know how we might be able to help you? If you would like further information about how we work, please complete the form and we will be in touch.