Meat packaging

Meat packaging for maximum food safety

The benefits of our meat packaging

  • Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel is a specialist in meat packaging
  • Customised packaging design
  • Sustainable and environmentally responsible, of certified origin
  • Automated on the packing line
  • Very large quantities possible


The packaging industry is continuously developing, also in sustainable packaging. Thanks to its pioneering developments in innovative and sustainable packaging, Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel stands out. The industry is creating new supply chain agreements and researchers are always offering new insights. Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel is responding accordingly by continuously optimising production and business processes, always with sustainability as the first priority.

The basic principle underpinning all of Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel’s operations is the need for our packaging to contribute to reduction of the overall environmental footprint of the product and/or to contribute to its food safety, shelf life, protection, quality, handling or traceability. In fruit and vegetable packaging, we look for a product packaging combination with minimal environmental impact.

Specialist in meat packaging

Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel is the ultimate specialist in meat packaging. With our state-of-the-art machinery fleet, we can offer the best solution for every product and every customer.

Further information

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