Horticultural packaging

Horticultural packaging that lets your products grow.

The benefits of our horticultural packaging

  • Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel is a specialist in horticultural packaging
  • Sustainable and environmentally responsible, of certified origin
  • Very large quantities possible
  • Automated on the packing line
  • Rapid and flexible service with a focus on your requirements

Recyclable and environmentally responsible

Green must be green. If you work with green products, you need packaging to match. Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel supplies highly sustainable horticultural packaging based on 100 per cent recycled Post-Consumer material. This makes our packaging environmentally responsible with a very low carbon footprint.

Horticultural packaging from Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel contributes to a green and clean climate. We work continuously to optimise our sustainable projects and to create added value for our customers through our packaging.

Horticultural packaging specialist

Kolkman Verpakkingen Hedel is the ultimate specialist in horticultural packaging. With our state-of-the-art machinery fleet, we can offer the best solution for every product and every customer.

Further information

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